Our failures don’t define us, they design us.

– Allison

Beyond Meat Sliders on Homemade Burger Buns

Beyond Meat Sliders on Homemade Burger Buns

The Texas summer heat is no joke and today was no exception. With a heat index of 110°, I was not about to turn on the oven. Or so I thought that was the plan. I am a newish bread baker; ventured into it last fall when a...

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Allison-Teegardin Quote Failures Design Us

Hi. I'm Allison!

Life is a collection of stories and we all have many to tell. This is where I tell my stories with the hope they will inspire, inform, and entertain you. I also toss in the occasional recipes for you and your dog.

My days are spent working with individuals and companies to bring their vision to life one word at a time. I am also an adjunct professor at Austin Community College in the Business, Government, and Technical Communications Department and serve as the department's Instructional Associate.

And at the end of the day when the work is all done, you can find me creating something in the kitchen, eating something at the table, drinking something on the porch, or reading something in bed. Though no matter what it is I am doing, my faithful dogs are always right by my side.

It has taken me nearly forty years to realize, our failures don't define us they design us. Join me in tossing off the, "I always have it together" costume and settling into a much more comfortable place of "failing" in love with yourself.

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